1. Help to grow your business by providing an easy search tool
for local practitioners on ACAT website.

2. Facilitating and promoting the exchange of skills,
information, and knowledge, by networking with other members
through access to members only forum and newsletters.

3. Increase visibility through social media (Twitter and Facebook).

4. Supporting members in important areas such as Continuous
Professional Development (CPD), and professional guidance in order
to foster good practice.

5. Providing some financial benefits such as discounts for some CPD
events and practitioner insurance.

6. Serve as a platform to collectively monitor developments that
affect the complementary animal health sector.

7. Strengthening the message, and defending the interests of
members, by providing a collective voice which is more likely to be
heard and acknowledged as legitimate by others, particularly
government, decision makers and policy makers.

8. Raising and maintaining the profile and legitimacy of the
complementary animal health sector.

9. Helping members, member's clients, and the complementary
animal health sector at large by identifying and fostering best

10. Helping to convene the complementary animal health sector.

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