Complaints Procedure

1. When a formal complaint is received by the ACAT the Chairperson will respond in writing to that person within five working days. This response will set out the details of the complaint and the procedure for the disciplinary hearing which will take place within ten weeks of the receipt of the original complaint.

2. The defendant will be asked to submit a written response to the Chairperson's notification within ten working days of the receipt of the letter. The defendant will be invited to attend the hearing and bring a friend with them. The plaintiff will also be invited to attend the disciplinary hearing with a friend.

3. Both the defendant and the plaintiff will be informed of the names and status of the disciplinary committee.

4. Within five working days of receipt of the defendants response, both parties, their friends and members of the disciplinary committee will be sent all the documentation relating to the complaint.

5. There is a mandatory requirement that no contact is made between the parties of the complaint themselves, nor with the members of the disciplinary committee.

6. The Chairperson will notify the outcome of the disciplinary committee hearing to both parties in writing within ten working days of the hearing.

7. There shall be a right of appeal and an appeals process for a second disciplinary hearing. After a second disciplinary committee outcome there shall be no further right of appeal.

8. Results of any disciplinary committee hearing shall be published on the ACAT website.