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Why Use & Trust a Practitioner Who is a Member of ACAT?

1) You can rest assured that ACAT members are fully qualified and insured to treat animals.

2) ACAT adheres to the Veterinary Act 1966 and it is a requirement of membership that all ACAT members gain veterinary permission before treating an animal.

3) ACAT members will collaborate with you and other para professionals for the best overall outcome for the animal.

4) We fully endorse practitioners qualified through the Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies (ICAT), the original established training centre in the UK for Equine and Canine Practitioner Courses. It qualifies practitioners to Level 4 in Equine Sports Massage and Rehabilitation, Canine Remedial Massage and Rehabilitation, and Equine Physical Therapy and Myopractics and is externally accredited with OCNL, a nationally recognised awarding body.

5) ACAT does accept practitioners with other massage qualifications from different training schools and therapists from different therapy modalities, subject to meeting ACAT's qualification standards.

6) ACAT members are committed to 25 hours of CPD a year to maintain and develop the member’s capacity to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice.

7) ACAT members are to adhere to the ACAT Code of Practice and ACAT Code of Ethics.

8) ACAT has an official Complaints Procedure in place. Should you need to make a complaint about an ACAT Practitioner please email or use our Contact Us page.

The majority of our members are qualified in Equine or Canine Massage which can support the overall health of an animal, but also help in many veterinary cases. Massage is also a valuable rehabilitation tool.

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Code of Ethics

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